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CFA Incubator Presentation 2: Planet Tracker & Na’walago Inventions

Planet Tracker – Blue Recovery Bond

In many cases, overfishing occurs because fishing companies are financially incentivized to fish as much as they legally can. But what if these incentives were reversed? Planet Tracker’s award-winning ‘Blue Recovery Bond’ concept shows that paying fishing companies to fish less could be both financially and environmentally rewarding. In collaboration with MarFishEco, Planet Tracker has now developed a detailed methodology to identify the areas where this concept could be piloted at commercial scales, and will reveal some examples of areas where investors could fund a blue recovery.

Ng’walago Inventions – Solar dispensers of organic pesticide and fertilizer in East Africa.

Ng’walago Inventions produces solar powered mobile money bio-pesticide and bio-fertilizer dispensing system that results in:

  • Easy access for local farmers
  • Delivery of high quality organic pesticides and fertilizers
  • Farmers pay for exact quantities and refill containers for zero waste
  • Access to credit via mobile payment
  • Mobile app allows farmers to track expenditures, quantities, and impact


The result is that smallholder farmers in East Africa save money and time, eliminate harmful chemicals, and support zero waste farming.

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Sep 27 2022


11:00 - 13:00




Planet Tracker