The Interface Dialogue
Finance & Biodiversity

30 x 30 – What and Who counts?

The science is clear. Our window of opportunity to halt and reverse biodiversity loss is narrowing by the minute. Impacts related to nature degradation are becoming more evident across all regions – from pandemics, to species extinctions and declining ecosystem services – and are expected to worsen if we continue business as usual.

We need decisive and transformative action to respond to multiple challenges that society is facing nowadays, and the post-2020 global biodiversity framework needs to reflect this.

In an effort to help solve some of the contentious issues of the negotiations and to clarify the technical aspects around the questions at hand, IUCN’s International Policy Centre is planning a series of webinars around the Post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework in the lead-up to COP15. The series will unpack certain elements in the current Goals and Targets, emphasising their scientific underpinnings, and provide a space for discussion among negotiators, experts and key stakeholders.

Webinar 1: 30 X 30: What and Who Counts?

While there seems to be some agreement on 30×30, it is less clear what that entails from a practical point of view. We will hear from IUCN’s Protected and Conserved Areas Unit and the World Commission on Protected Areas as they clarify what counts and who counts for effective protected and conserved areas.


Sep 27 2022