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IUCN Leaders Forum on Building Nature Positive Economies and Societies

Building on the momentum of IUCN World Conservation Congresses, IUCN has launched the IUCN Leaders Forum, a new series of high-level events, to convene global leaders more frequently on key topics of relevance to the international agenda.  The first edition of the IUCN Leaders Forum, organised by IUCN together with the Korean Ministry of Environment and Jeju Self-governing Province, will be held in Jeju, Republic of Korea from 13 – 15 October 2022, and focus on ‘Building nature-positive economies and societies’.

Leaders around the world agree that halting biodiversity loss is critical, and that reversing it is now urgent if we want to remain within the planet’s carrying capacity. At their meeting hosted by the UK Presidency, G7 leaders called for the world to become net zero and nature-positive by 2030.

There is a growing movement to support Nature-positive actions in many areas of human activity (finance, industry, agriculture, etc.), backed by civil society organisations and endorsed by many policy-makers. However, the metrics to measure the impact of ‘nature-positive’ initiatives, the baselines, the monitoring, the financing, and the implementation of concrete actions still require in-depth discussions. Issues relating to legitimacy, transparency and responsible reporting will be just as important as the business decisions and policies themselves, to convince consumers and voters that the required change is positive for everyone.

By bringing together leaders and changemakers from across sectors around the world who are engaged and who will return to their countries with renewed commitments, new partnerships and concrete actions for implementation, IUCN’s first Leaders Forum will provide a platform for advancing Nature-positive solutions.


Oct 13 - 15 2022


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Jeju, South Korea
Jeju, South Korea


Korean Ministry of Environment

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