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Finance & Biodiversity

Moving Beyond Climate: the Relevance of Biodiversity Loss for the Financial System

De Nederlandsche Bank and OMFIF’s Sustainable Policy Institute are hosting a one-day conference on the relevance of biodiversity loss for the financial system and financial stability, and on the role of public and private finance in the preservation of biodiversity.

“Nature is more than a mere economic good. Nature nurtures and nourishes us, so we will think of assets as durable entities that not only have use value, but may also have intrinsic worth. Once we make that extension, the economics of biodiversity becomes a study in portfolio management.”

The loss of biodiversity is considered one of the greatest risks to society and the global economy, as it accelerates climate change and threatens the health of ecosystems that provide services to the economy. As such, preserving biodiversity is regarded as one of the most complicated but also rewarding challenges of this decade. In this context, public institutions, central banks and financial institutions such as the World Bank, the NGFS, Banque de France and De Nederlandsche Bank have published reports about the risks of biodiversity loss for the economy and financial stability, and have enriched public discourse with recommendations to better manage these risks. In addition, policymakers are working on accommodating biodiversity loss in disclosure standards, while financial market participants increasingly focus on integrating biodiversity metrics into risk frameworks and investment decisions.

We have assembled leading figures from across the globe to discuss the role of public and private finance in the integration of biodiversity loss into the financial system and how to scale up investments into biodiversity conservation. The conference will provide insight into what public entities and central banks should do to enable the financial system to better account for biodiversity loss and how financial institutions can integrate biodiversity into their portfolio management. In addition, we will discuss policy options at hand and the importance of standardized disclosure frameworks, such as the Taskforce on Nature-related Financial Disclosures (TNFD). As biodiversity loss requires rapid action, it is time for the financial sector to put a price on nature’s value. The window of opportunity is closing in, we need to act now.

You can request to attend this event via the form found at the bottom of the event page available here.


Sep 29 2022


09:30 - 19:00


Artis Zoo